Balboa Catering

Web Design, Web Copy, Graphic Design
Project Overview
Balboa is a boutique caterer in Philadelphia that does both public and private events. During the pandemic, they engaged me to do a full website redesign and rewrite to accommodate their temporary shift to takeout business; they have since resumed in-person events. They've also engaged me to create graphics for Instagram as well as brochures for their catering services.
In redesigning Balboa's website, my goal was to put the chef's beautiful food front and center, complementing those photos with clean, simple, responsive and on-brand design. I also wrote or rewrote nearly all the copy, though some has been modified by the client since the site was handed off. Additionally, I created a standard style and formatting guide for the online store so that the client could make updates self-sufficiently.

I utilized the Webflow CMS to build out both the store and the site's venues page, allowing the client to make easy, code-free updates to the site's content.

Additionally, Balboa has engaged me to create Instagram posts as well as brochures for their catering services. You'll find examples of those below.
Balboa Catering
Web Design, Graphic Design, Copy