South Street District

Graphic Design, Copy
Project Overview
Philadelphia's South Street District is home to The Shambles at Headhouse Square, a historic landmark that dates to the 18th century. Originally a firehouse, The Shambles is now a market and event venue. Seeking to expand its use as a venue for weddings specifically, the South Street District commissioned me to design a trifold brochure to advertise it for that purpose.
I commissioned original photography of the venue, then cut out out the iconic clock tower and modified the photo to fit neatly across the prime fold of the trifold brochure, turning half of it black and white to emphasize its historical nature. I also utilized an existing photo from a wedding at The Shambles as well as some off-the-shelf graphic elements to symbolize romance, excitement and the general wedding vibe. I softened the district's very '80s-looking logo by switching its colors to pastel tones.

Additionally, I fully rewrote their existing copy to describe the site and its history in a clear, concise manner, articulating its value as a wedding venue while avoiding too much extraneous detail – giving potential customers just enough information to leave them asking for more.
South Street District
Trifold Brochure