Web Design, Graphic Design, Web Copy
Project Overview
In the early months of the pandemic, Pete Mattis closed his beloved brick-and-mortar training facility in Philadelphia's Queen Village neighborhood and transitioned to a solo business with an emphasis on remote fitness classes and lifestyle coaching. He engaged Fiorentino Creative for a website rewrite and redesign with the intent of making it sleeker and more accessible.
Website Redesign & Rewrite
The key deliverable was a modern, dark, responsive website that was easy to use and integration-friendly. Besides an entirely new design, the copy needed to be completely revamped; when potential customers would read Pete's original website, they struggled to come away with an understanding of exactly what his program entails. That friction made it difficult for him to gain customers through any method other than word of mouth – a major issue for a business that was transitioning from local to location-agnostic.

Through an extensive series of discovery interviews as well as sample training sessions, I crafted more outcome-oriented messaging while providing a new level of visibility into Pete's unique training process and its elements. The goal was to break down and summarize it all in an easily digestible format, drawing on his architecture background and laying out the various philosophies and modalities that, together, form the ZAKTi method.

In keeping with the holistic ZAKTi philosophy, I opted to build a one-page website with a fixed menu and anchor links, minimizing load times and making for a smooth user experience. (Okay, you got me – there are a few other little pages, but all the most important info is on the main page.) The new site was built on a heavily modified Webflow template and integrated with the client's WellnessLiving business management software, allowing both new and existing customers to buy and schedule training sessions with ease.